It’s the (big) little things.

Backups? Security? Page optimisation? Uptime monitoring? Plugin and theme upgrades? SEO optimisation?

We’ve got you covered.

For just £25 per month, you’ll have the weight of an agency looking after your website without your overheads even noticing!

We love WordPress and we’ve been working with it, writing plugins and themes for it and looking after our clients websites for nearly 20 years. We know our stuff.

Some of the most common things we come across are out of date WordPress installations, insecure passwords, very little SEO and speed/performance issues. That is why we’re offering to handle all of these things for you. We will monitor your site security, speed and performance as well regularly backup your website. 



Keep every site safe, secure and scanned with the best WordPress security available. Plus, if you've been hacked, we'll clean up and protect your sites for you, for no extra cost!


Make your sites fly with image compression, minification and caching. We will set up your site to be as optimised as possible and will also regularly scan and report on your sites performance.​


We back up and securely store all of your WordPress backups in a private vault and restore them in an instant if anything goes wrong. So put your feet up safe in the knowledge that your site is now backed up.


You could spend days researching the best SEO strategy or you could let us do it for you. We'll set you up then send you regular reports that will highlight anything that needs attention.


Do you find updating WordPress, themes and plugins time consuming and (occasionally) scary? Well fear no longer because we're here to help. We will update WP core, plugins and themes with full backups.


We are constantly watching to ensure your site is performing as it should. We will monitor your sites uptime, downtime and average response time to make sure your site is running at its absolute best.

We will send you a monthly report of everything carried out on your site within that month as well as alerting you to anything that needs your attention. 

All of this will cost less than an hour of time from a WordPress agency or developer. 

We think that peace of mind that your website is working for you shouldn’t cost the world. But £25 a month doesn’t seem too bad. 

So what now?

If you’d like us to be your non-exclusive, virtual agency, we will look after your WordPress site so you don’t have to. Just fill in this form and we’ll get started! Or, if you’d rather just send an email, pop us a note to