Bespoke Social Network

One Small Barking Dog asked us to overhaul their Squarespace website by converting it to a WordPress theme, adding lots of customisation options and adding a social network and resource hub for young people in film.

This project was an absolute pleasure and the end result is something we’re really proud of. Have a read on for some of the features and don’t forget to One Small Barking Dog.

Dynamic content keeps the site alive with minimal input from an admin
Register on site or using Facebook

Automatic Video Meta Detection

We khoded a bespoke solution that allows members of the community to share their videography work, have it showcased to other members and have OSBD staff further promote their work. When members, and admin, submit video URLs, the website will grab as much info about the video as it can from the internet. This allows the site to better catalogue the content and provide relevant search results.

Embedded videos features heavily and are presented responsively and dynamically
Members can add their work, showcase it and have it further promoted by the site admin

As well as a library of curated resources for young videographers, the new website gives members functionality to add their own work, share it, have other members rate it and add further details to their profile. This all helps with the networking the site provides and the end result is a clean, smooth interface that encourages interaction.

Building this site from the ground up meant that we were able to add customisations specific to it. For example, the client wanted to be able to control how many paragraphs were displayed on mobile before the rest of the copy was collapsed and a read more button added. So that’s what we did. Now, via the intuitive backend, the site admins can set up how the copy folds, change it, add to it and remove it without having to pay anyone to update their site functionality.
We love big wins. And this is a big win for everyone.

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