This case study is taken from a project worked on for another agency and credit for the project remains with them. As such, specifics are redacted.

This case study is written by our developer, Andy, who worked on it.

A very large and well known restaurant chain needed a new website following a huge rebranding of all of their locations. As part of the rebrand, a new e-commerce offering was to be added to the site. The client partnered with BigCommerce and I was the first person to use the WordPress plugin built by Modern Tribe to integrate BC in to WordPress. The plugin needed some wrangling but I built an “add on” plugin that provided the functionality that was needed and also won me an international award for the BigCommerce / WordPress work.

Initially I was involved the design process in terms of giving advice around whether certain design elements could realistically be turned in to the desired functionality within the budget and timeframe. Once the designs were completed and signed off I was given flat designs. It was then my task to turn those designs in to a dynamic and pixel perfect WordPress theme.

The Page Builder

One of the big challenges of this website was that the client wanted to be able to create new page layouts from the backend. I broke down the designs they sent through and made modules out of each element. For example, there was a row element, within which the number of columns could be defined. Within those columns they could then place various elements such as text, images, videos, links to other parts of the site, table booking widgets and so on. The colours of the site were also controlled globally so with a few clicks, they could change the entire look and feel of the site. I also built a design change timer which meant that they could set up a new design, preview it and then schedule it to go live when it suited them.


The client chose BigCommerce as their e-commerce partner and as such I worked a lot with the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin and the team behind building it. This part of the job was probably the most challenging as it involved using pre release software in a live and profit making website. This is not something I would ever recommend but with enough hard work and wrangling of code, I made it not only work, but work really well. BigCommerce is one of many solutions available for those needing e-commerce however, within a WordPress environment I would advise a more mature product like WooCommerce. That said, not only did this aspect of the project work out great and allow the client to generate lots of income by selling their ingredients, recipe books and gifts, the work done on it won an award.


Like any restaurant, the client needed to have their menus displayed online. They use a third party menu manager that allows them to ensure that their online and printed menus all display the same data. I wrote an integration with the third party API to query the menu, save the data and periodically update the menus when the data changes. I then built a front end that encompassed real time filtering for ingredients and dietary preferences.


As an international and famous chain, there were numerous locations that all needed catering for. As such, I built a section in the backend for managing restaurants quickly and easily. Photos could be added, facilities updated, dynamic (“open now”, “opening in 2 hours” etc ) opening hours (including one off times like christmas) and contact details were all easily editable. On the front end, the site will locate the user if they’ve allowed permission or ask the user for another location and display restaurants by nearest first with handy distance estimations. This was really fun to build as it was an essential part of the site and relatively easily achieved.

Whilst we can’t claim this as a Khoded project as it was carried out under contract for another agency, we are very proud of the talent that we have and this is a great example of how we tackle projects as developers, who we are and what we can do.

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