Our pricing

Our pricing is simple and affordable. 

The build fee and the hosting fees are required, however we are able to assist with product import as well as offering an alternative payment process for those without online payment gateway accounts. See below for details.

Fully featured, bolt on shop

This is the cost of building and launching your site. Duplicating your existing design, setting you up on our servers and adding initial shipping preferences is all included. As is support via email throughout the entire process. 

This, along with the hosting below, is everything you need to be selling online.

£1000 GBP


Your new shop has to be hosted somewhere. Luckily, we can offer you state of the art hosting that you don’t ever have to think about. We manage the whole thing for you. You’re shop is backed up, secure and permanently monitored to make sure your shop stays that way.

You will be part of our Online and Open server and this means that any updates, bug fixes or tweaks can be done quickly and safely with minimal down time.

£25 GBP

per month

Product Import

Our system is simple. If you’ve ever used WooCommerce, you’ll be right at home. Our custom shop manager is easy to understand and has all the tools you need to efficiently run your online business. However we recognise that it is a learning curve. A steep one for some, especially if getting your shop trading online quickly is important. That’s why we can import your products on your behalf. We add each product manually, checking that all the settings are correct and we’re pretty good at it so it shouldn’t take long.

If you’ve got less than 10 products, we’ll happily pop them in for free by the way. Just let us know when you fill in the getting started form here.


£0.50 GBP

per product

Taking Payments Online

We offer a wide range of payment gateways and they will probably charge you a transaction fee. This is out of our control but very much worth paying in our opinion.

If you don’t have a payment gateway account (we can assist with setting one up, just let us know) and can’t or don’t want to set one up, we can take payments on your behalf. 

Your customers would see payments to “Online and Open” and your money will be transferred daily, weekly or monthly. 

We will not take any commission from your sales, only the transfer fee.

£5 GBP

per transfer

Certain payment gateways

The most common payment gateways are built in to your shop. However we have the ability to integrate with many others. Some of these will incur a fee of £50 to integrate with, however we will discuss all of your options with you before going ahead with anything. 

£50 GBP