E-commerce like a pro

No limits and scalable hosting

There are no limits on the amount of products you can list or how many orders or customers you have. Your server will expand as you do with no extra cost so you never have to worry about your shop slowing down or going offline.

Product filtering and categories

Your shop will feature an easy to use filtering system as well as the ability to categorise your products. This creates a smooth experience for your customers and allows them to quickly find what they are looking for.

Unlimited images

Upload as many pictures as you need to per product. Your shop front will automatically feature an auto zoom on your images, giving your customers an opportunity to view your product as if they were in your shop.

Physical and digital products

Whilst we recognise that most of our clients are selling physical products, your shop will have the ability to sell digital products as well. This could be a gift voucher or a printable calendar. The world is your oyster!

Product variations

Sometimes a product is not just a product. You may have different size options for one product, for example. Variations allow you to set up an unlimited amount of variations and price each combination separately.

Built in payment processing

Accept payments through all common online payment gateway providers (Paypal, Stripe etc). Click here to see a list of all payment providers. We also provide a facility to take payments on your behalf and transfer them to you via bank transfer.

Shipping options to suit your business

We will discuss your shipping needs with you and set them up before we launch your shop. Set up delivery types (local delivery, shipping or pick up) and shipping rates and even set shipping rates per product. This is particularly useful for bulky or heavy products that require specialist shipping.

Free shipping

Make shipping completely free and build the delivery costs in to your pricing or set criteria for free shipping. For example, "Buy two and get free shipping". Flexible shipping options allow you to accommodate your customers the way you would in store.


If you need to apply taxes to your products, you can apply them depending on your customers shipping address, billing address or your own shop location. Your shop comes with a comprehensive set of tools to manage and report on any taxes associated with your sales.

Customer management

Your customers are your business. That's why we will equip your shop with intuitive customer management tools. Customers will create an account with your store, allowing them to quickly buy from you again. You can also manage any refunds from your shop dashboard with just one click!

Inventory managment

Once you're out you're out! Let your shop manage stock levels and any products that sell out will automatically be unavailable to purchase. Stock levels can be set per product as well as per product variation. For example, if all small versions of your product sell out, medium versions will still be available to purchase.

Branded emails

Your shop will automatically send emails for various events. For example when a customers orders from you, they will receive a purchase confirmation as well as updates to the status of their order or any refunds. We will brand all of these in your existing colour scheme and logo before your shop goes live.

Add your staff

We will create accounts for all of your team. You can have unlimited accounts and we will never charge you for additional accounts. We recommend setting up seperate accounts for each member of staff that needs access rather than sharing log ins. Your staff will have access to everything they need to fulfil orders.

Search Engine Optimisation

Good SEO means that more people will find your shop when searching for what you sell. Your shop will be automatically optimised every time you publish or edit a product meaning that you can relax knowing that your online shop is selling on your behalf.


Once logged in to your shop dashboard you will be able to view reports detailing your revenue to date, your best selling products as well as customer activity and order statuses. At a glance you can see how your shop is doing!

Geo Location

Automatically detect your customers location and display shipping rates applicable to your customer. Your shop will feature a checkout that will auto update the order shipping values depending on the location your customer inputs.

And much, much more!

When we say fully featured, we mean fully featured. Your shop will contain everything you need to successfully move your business online. But we’re constantly growing and we want to hear about what else you need. Please do email us your suggestions at hello@khoded.com and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.